Server Events.

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Server Events.

Post by Kayomi on Sun May 16, 2010 2:29 pm

Auto Events:

Dice Event: (Warp portal that can be found middle of Prontera)
Starts every 30 minutes.
Gives 1 Event Coin

Manual Events:

PokeMon by: Kayomi
How it works:
First: You need to make two teams depending on how many players there are. Since were a beginner server we should only need to use two until our population increases.
Second: The Gamemaster/Administrator picks one person from each team.
Third:They come foward away from there group and each stands next to the Gamemaster/Administrator.
Fourth:The Gamemaster/Administrator gives both player a dead branch by either the Gamemaster command or by trade.
Fifth: The Gamemaster/Administrator says either "Battle!" or "Withdraw your Pokemons NOW!".
Sixth: Both players withdraw there PokeMon ( Dead Branches) and whoever monster has the highest HP wins and moves on to the next round.
Seventh: The winner gets to pick a player from the other team and try to eliminate them.
Eighth: They both do the command /dice if the winner from last round has a lower number then who he/she challenges he/she gets eliminated and the other stays on the team, but If the competitor has a lower number they both must battle with there PokeMon.(Repeat Step 4-7th)

[Prize: 2 Event Coins]

Note: If the number of players aren't equal teams its okay. If there is 3 left ( The winner from last round, and two other players.) Depending on the winner from the last round he/she gets to pick which method to use (The eighth step) or The two remaining players do /dice the one with the lowest goes against the winner from the last round.

Poring Summon edited by: Kayomi
* Input your prize you wanna give out ( id )
* Input how many Special Porings you want
* Input how many Normal Porings you want
* Input your town you want the even to be on ( must be lower case: Rachel -> rachel )
* Each Special Poring drops one prize (Aka, the ID you put for the prize)
* Start event button (After you've imputed everything)
* End button; end the event any time you want
* When event is finished it would announce saying all special porings are dead.
Prize: Gives 1 Event Coins
[( There is at least 10/100 porings that should have 1 Event coin)[So GM should do fractions 1/10.]

JACKPOT by: Unknown (Really a mini-game)
How it works :
1. To participate , you'll need to throw some amount above 30k Z into the pot.
2. Amount gets added to the total winning jackpot, into a global variable.
3. Player enters a random number between 1 & 100 to win the Jackpot.
4. If entered number is not = to random number, goodbye. if it is, goto step 5
5. If entered number is = to random number, player gains jackpot. jackpot becomes 0 again. random number is re-randomized.

Mr.Pass edited by: Kayomi & Moonchul
* To start, A GM 50+ will toggle this event.
* The GM will be asked for a prize.
* Prize should be asked to be entered by NPC. (GM's/Admins contact me for item detail)
* Once entered the NPC will ask for a password, the password will have to lead to a hint maybe such as a ragnarok question or typical question.
EX.) Password: cake Hint: Sweet and covered in icing.
* Once the GM enters that information A broadcast will be automatically announced right after he presses start.
* The Players will have to go to the npc (Mr.Pass) and enter the password based on the hint givin that will be shown in the text box.
* Whoever gets the answer correct gets the prize the GM entered in the NPC.
[Prize: 1 Event Coin

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