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Events Coming Soon

Post by Kriemhild on Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:21 pm


List of event that will be going to be hosted soon

Run for your life by Kriemhild

How to play:

Players should be warped into a quiz_01 map(which look like two sides with a bridge on the middle).
A Game Master will summon a extremely strong clone, this clone will pawn the players until one of them is left. In order to win, you must run to escape the clone. speed potions and authoritative badge are not allowed to be used in the event.

Prize- 1 Event coin

Last Man Standing(LMS) by Kriemhild

This is more likely a PVP event. This event will take place on a GvG arena. In order to win, you must fight and defend yourselves. Party and Guild is disabled and strictly no teaming allowed. Berry's and other potions are allowed as well as buffs. Winner will be the last man standing ( and there will be lots of skulls... o_0;Wink

Prize- 1 Event coin

Get Me What I Want by Kriemhild

Well, this event is very quit simple..played always in parlor games. A Game Master will request an item(name) and number of items. The First one to gather that item/s and also the 1st to deal that item/s to the Game Master wins. Quite simple yet entertaining.

Prize- 1 Event coin

Guess The Monster Event by Kriemhild

This is just a Crack The Pub Event with a little twist. Okay, A Game Master open a private chat and disguises as a Mob, First to type the exact name of the mob( which is gonna be all in lowercase) Wins!!

Prize- 1 Event coin

True or False Event by Kriemhild

Okay, a Game Master will ask a question, topic will come from any players who will be the first one to suggest a topic. (FOR EXAMPLE: TOPIC=NARUTO), then a Game Master will ask a question about naruto( Itachi is the elder brother of Sasuke, True or False??) Okay, so the players will choose two sides to answer the question which is Left(True) and Right(False). Okay, the answer is True, so the players in the left wins and the players which bears the wrong answer will be forced to leave. This process will repeat until a 1 smart and lucky player will be left.

Prize- 1 Event coin

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