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Chaos' Application

Post by chaos on Fri Jul 23, 2010 2:31 pm

Hi! Here’s my application..
Location: Philippines
Age: 18yrs. old
Gender: Male
Availability: Here’s my schedule when I’m online;
(7am-9am) and (6pm-11pm)
(6:30am-9am) and (7:30pm-10pm)
Saturday and Sunday
Email address/ Contact Information: PM or in email. (
Languages: Tagalog and English (both fluent)
Position Desired: Event-GM
Experience in the position you are applying for: I work as Head-GM/Helper in kazeRO (2months) Event-GM/Helper in RubinRO (2months) Support-GM/Helper in aetherRO (2month) Event-GM/Helper in SakahakuRO (3months)
How long you've played RO: I played RO for 6yrs, I remember back then, there was just a limited jobs to apply and the players you can put into your slot is 3.
Why we should hire you: I’m a well experienced player of RO, especially when it comes for giving an Event. I can give detailed information for newbie players, and most of all, I wanted to share my knowledge and ideas to this server.
Anything else you would like to add: One of my profession is to talk to persons/players who have problems that need some advice (even personal problem), persons/players that complain (ex: they complain because they banned or some issues), person/players who have a points, opinions and violent reactions, and One of my good traits is that I’m a friendly person and willing to help players, but if one of them don’t follow the rules, it should face a desired punishment.

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